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Left Coast Extracts

Left Coast Extracts is an Oceanside, California based cannabis extract company that is known for producing concentrates, vape pods, and vape cartridges.  Left Coast Extracts is currently available only in California.

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Our unique and exceptional techniques allow Left Coast Extracts to reach a level of incomparable quality. Hand-picked selected strains provide the highest level of medicinal use. Left Coast Extract company is internally managed and self-funded. Our solid business plan ensures a consistent future, allowing us to develop and keep a loyal customer base. We have developed strong and reliable relationships with growers and other suppliers. Our reliability and stability create trust and allow us to deliver a high-quality product and excellent customer service.



Is my Left Coast Extracts pod counterfeit?

Left Coast Extracts only sells products through state-licensed dispensaries and delivery services. Do not purchase from any ‘outside’ sources apart from our Website to ensure you are receiving legitimate Left Coast Extracts products. 
All of our products include a QR Code and clear images. 
Left Coast Extracts state-licensed dispensaries and delivery services, as well as Weedmaps.
If you are still concerned about a product you purchased, please email us at and include:
product purchased
date purchased
location and name of the retailer
a brief note

Where can I buy Left Coast Extracts products?

Left Coast Extracts are available to purchase in California. To find a state-licensed retailer or delivery service near you, click HERE or visit Weedmaps. 
Left Coast Extracts Products can be purchased on our site and shipped anywhere in the United States. Please visit our store HERE

How do I use the Left Coast Extracts 510 Thread Battery?


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Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 10 pm (PST)


Business Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (PST)



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