Cashmere diamonds Concentrate


Cashmere delivers an intense psychedelic cerebral effect that will lend you a relaxing creative buzz. Also prepare to disengage from any activities you may have planned. Perfect for a lazy weekend around the house.


Cashmere Diamonds Concentrate – Where To Buy Cashmere Diamonds

Cashmere Diamonds Concentrate is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers mid-weight sedation and dreamy euphoria. Leading with a complex aroma of burnt wood and ground pepper, it leaves a sweet mixture of coffee, mint, and caramel on the exhale.

The indica-dominant Cashmere has garnered quite the reputation for being a heavy-hitting strain perfect for stress relief and deep relaxation. This is also the ultimate lazy day strain, be prepared to sink into your couch and completely absorb yourself into what you’re doing. This strain is best used late at night before bed, or on a day with no plans.

Cashmere is a solid choice for pain relief, having anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Similarly, this intense relaxation often leads to a restful, pain-free sleep. In addition, increased appetite and dry mouth are the most commonly reported side effects of Cashmere.

Left Coast Extracts Cashmere Diamonds -Cashmere strain – Crystalline

Cashmere has a sweet, floral aroma with a fresh pine scent upon cracking open a properly cured bud. Although the strain is Afghani in origin and its parentage is a combination of three strains: Northern Lights, Bubblegum and Lowryder. Phenotypes can also vary in THC, with the highest hovering around 30%.

This strain has a very unique nose, gassy, but with vanilla and lemon pine. Also, the flavor is extremely robust, with massive vanilla hints and just a little bit of caramel in the back. Further, the buds themselves are extremely dense and are formed in an elongated pine cone shape, one that’s common amongst indicas.

It also has a vibrant, almost neon green color, with bright orange hairs. Likewise, these buds are teeming with trichomes, covering the nugs like a layer of frost. Enjoy Cashmere later in the day, as its deeply relaxing effects are paired best with blankets and a movie.

Perfect for deep relaxation and stress relief, Cashmere provides calming pain relief, improved appetite, and deep restful sleep. Finally, the sweet floral aroma mixes with fresh pine in this medium-bodied, flavorful smoke.

THC: 23.86% | CBD: 0.05%

⦁ Relaxation
⦁ Euphoria
⦁ Happiness
⦁ Uplifts
⦁ Focus
⦁ Increased Appetite


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